Dress code and Casino

Today, strict rules of dress code became more democratic, this is especially characteristic for those gambling houses, which are often visited by tourists. But, nevertheless, the foundations of the strict dress code enforced and remain the hallmark of elite UK gambling.

In some preferred elite casino evening and cocktail dresses for women and for men – the strict formal dresses. But there are not a lot of casinos, so basically gambling establishments establish democratic rules of the dress code.

Basic rules of the dress code, suitable for any type of gambling establishments:

  • The main thing – it’s neat. Absolutely not important or the brand value of your costume. It is important that your clothes look neat and tidy.
  • Elegance and rigor.
  • Footwear is an important part of your appearance. Preferred stringent classic shoes for men and elegant pumps for women.
  • Accessories must fit under your suit or dress to emphasize your elegance.
  • If you are not sober, it is best to put off going to the casino, in order not to lose a lot of money and do not spoil your mood that you just will not let go.
  • Very often the guards let beautiful people and even not paying ridiculous items of clothing. However, a neat, tidy and polite visitor, even if it would be ugly, will always welcome any gambling establishment.

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