How to attract good luck

We know that interest in casino gambling and people began to show from the very beginning of their existence. There are many papers, articles, to learn how to attract good luck. Several generations of scientists working on mathematical systems, but, nevertheless, the majority of players and even the staff believe in the mystique associated with the casino. It is best to rely on their own strength and not to use the services of other psychics and fortune tellers. The main thing – is the belief in yourself, your intuition, which must be developed with the help of the gaming experience.

Prejudice in the casino

  • Seven – a figure that brings good luck to most players. The same figures apply to the happy and five. Experienced croupiers assert that there are numbers that appear in the moment when no one expects – “dead numbers.” All players are very superstitious: believe in omens, signs, mascots: wear a “good clothes”, cuts the deck with his left hand, before the bidding rubbed piece of cloth or kiss her “luck”, go to a casino in the same company, sit down with those who are lucky and much more.
  • How to bewitch luck

  • Most often, the players themselves invent various signs. For example, it is considered to be the best choice of chips under the color of clothing. Some believe that if you touch a large bill, a good win will not be long in coming. There are players who prefer to carry in your pocket fifty dollars, which shows the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island – the place has the energy of victory. For a good win – visit the casino, along with a woman who throughout the game is near.
  • Signs leading to failure

  • It is not necessary to lend during the game – it is fraught with failure, and should not be much to luck as it turns away exactly. Experienced players believe that should not be considered won chips, crossing the legs during a game of cards, as well, is to always choose the far deck of cards.
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