How to spend the prize money!

Win a million dreams almost everyone !!!! But how to properly dispose of them then? Everyone is different and so everyone will find their “right” way to spend a million won. Let’s look at what is “lucky” to spend money won:

  • On the “earthly” needs: not all rush at once to buy pricey things … first purchase may be ordinary things that were previously inaccessible to man: the glass tea table, lawn mower, food processor …
  • Improvement of living conditions. The most important thing in our lives – it is certainly the home, and if it can be “patched” for a couple of million dollars, no one will mind. Almost half of the lucky ones spend the lion’s share of the winnings to luxury mansions.
  • Travel. Finally, you can not afford to visit not only neighboring countries but also the whole world !!! You can take a cruise on “all the seas and oceans”: the three leaders in attendance – Dubai, USA, Caribbean.
  • Dear displacement means. Well, how do without an expensive car?!? The lucky lottery winners spend an average of fifty thousand pounds for a new car. It turns out that the Audi – a brand-favorite car among the winners!
  • The money for the future. Approximately fifteen percent winning start on their own to do business after winning.
  • Other delights of life. In the rest of the money people spend all their imagination: many are trying to repeat the win. Someone can give a million dollars to sponsor the annual event in support of the legalization of marijuana. There are people who donate the money to charity.
    And when you finally win a huge sum, the whole world will dance only under your melody !!!!!
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