Luck makes us generous. It really is. And if not, how can we explain that the taxi driver was in gratitude two thousand dollars. Very lucky player after a victorious game in the casino went for a walk with friends. I caught a taxi and went to meet adventures. He was so overwhelmed with different emotions and thoughts that accidentally forgot all of his winnings in a taxi. And he won 221,510 dollars !!! This “treasure” found a taxi driver who hardly saw the money in reality, because his salary is no more than a month and a half thousand dollars. The taxi driver was not taken aback and immediately reported the discovery to the dispatcher – and money were again at the present owner. That’s an honest Ethiopian taxi driver one night earned $ 2,000.
This story about the luck did not end so quickly. In the same year in the capital of gambling our lucky repeated and even surpassed his previous winnings. At this time, managed to win 300,000 dollars. Most likely because of the euphoria again, the guy managed to forget the money in a taxi! Well, that on his way across the honest taxi drivers. Once again, he returned the money. Honest taxi driver called Gamboa and in gratitude he received a solid financial incentives, but the exact amount remains secret.
So each of you can smile luck, but then do not forget your winnings in a taxi. Play and win !

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